Living Fields

Have you ever heard about the Killing Fields? Pol Pot Regime or the genocide in Cambodia? I heard about it after a little bit of a research after I decided to move here. The Killing Fields is a place where more then 3 million people were cruelly killed. Some of the bodies were buried here. Even though it looks like a peacfeul place outside, it’s story is more than enough to freak you out. The Living Fields is the community I am building right opposite of The Killing Fields in order to assist these people with a brighter future. I am building joyful children laughters where once people use to scream of fear.

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Inside The Living Fields there will be a soup kitchen, butterfly park, school, health cabin, workshop for women, a showroom where the women will sell their handwork and a restaurant. All the income is going to be used for The Living Fields and to found new soup kitchens. Also the villagers will be earning money to maintain their lives in better conditions by working in The Living Fields. For me the most beautiful children of the world are here and I want to build a bright future for them. I would actually love to help every kid in the world but I am for now not capable of more than this 100 children. But again, together we are a lot stronger.If you wish to donate, please send us an e-mail ‘’.

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