What do we cook?

I still do not know what we exactly are cooking. I was actually planning to cook traditional Turkish dishes such as haricot bean or moussaka, etc. These plans came quickly to an end when I saw my Khmer helper giving the Turkish style cooked rice to her dog. I put a big effort and love to make that rice but she just gave it to her dog. That was a simple but a strong example for me to understand that we had different tastes. If the villagers did not eat the food I make, I’d be so upset and go back home immediately. That’s why we decided to cook Khmer local dishes. My helpers prepare the daily menu. I unfortunately didn’t taste any of this cousin yet since I am not open to new tastes. And in the end, all that matters is that their stomach gets to be full. By the way, the rise is so sticky but it’s the way they like it.

If you wish to give yourself or those who you love a beautiful gift, you are wellcome to buy our village lunch. in return of a $75, more than 300 people will be full thanks to you.yemekyemek3yemek2

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